Buying vs. Leasing A New Ford

If you're in the market for a new car but not sure whether buying or leasing is your best option, then you'll be happy to know our Ford finance team is happy to speak with you. The staff at our Ford dealership in Lititz, PA, takes pride in providing a first-class car-buying experience, and a big part of that is having all the information you need to make the right decision. Whether you want to buy a new Ford F-150 or lease a new Ford Mustang, you can get all the help you need when you shop at Keller Bros. Ford Lititz.

Are you interested in learning more about buying vs. leasing a Ford in Lititz, PA? Do you want to know the main differences between buying and leasing a new car? Schedule an appointment with our Ford finance experts and they'll help you get all the info you need. If you want to own a new Ford and don't want to deal with extra mileage fees or excess wear and use charges, then we'll recommend you buy a new Ford. If you want lower monthly payments and to move on to a new car in a few short years, then we may suggest you lease a new Ford. No matter what you have in mind, you can rest easy knowing the Keller Bros. Ford Lititz auto finance team has your best interests at heart.

Buying Leasing
OwnershipPay to own the car and the title of the car is in your nameYou only pay for your use of the vehicle and can move on once your lease term ends.
Down PaymentTypically comes with a higher down paymentSmaller down payment, which means less money upfront
Monthly PaymentsHigher monthly paymentsLower monthly payments
Mileage LimitsNo mileage restrictionsYour lease terms will dictate mileage limits.
Maintenance/WearResponsible for all upkeep of your vehicle not covered by warrantyRequired to service the vehicle according to the dealer’s recommendations

More Reasons to Buy or Lease at Keller Bros. Ford Lititz: 

  • Our new Ford inventory includes hundreds of new Ford trucks, SUVs and cars!
  • Our professional Ford finance team will help you seamlessly transition from test-drive to ownership when you finance or lease a new Ford with us.
  • Keller Bros. Ford Lititz loves to help our customers save, which is why we offer both a college graduate discount and military discount for those who qualify.
  • When you buy or lease a new Ford, you may be eligible to receive same-day delivery!
  • We work hard to take care of our customers! That is why Keller Bros. Ford Lititz is a 7-time recipient of the Ford President's Award! This award is given by Ford for the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.
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