Ford Transmission Repair at Keller Bros. in Lititz, PA

Regardless of the type of vehicle you own, the transmission is one of the most essential parts for ensuring long-term performance and safety. If you maintain your Ford's transmission, it'll provide smooth-shifting for many years and reliably support you on all your travels. Since every vehicle's transmission is made up of many moving parts, regular maintenance is required for it to keep working properly, often more so than with other components. At Keller Bros. in Lititz, PA, our experienced technicians provide expert repair and maintenance services to keep your vehicle's transmission in top condition. Below are just a few of the Ford transmission repair services we offer to keep your vehicle on the road.


Changing the Transmission Fluid

As the most frequently-needed type of transmission repair, changing your vehicle's transmission fluid is one of the most important services we provide. Your Ford's transmission fluid guarantees that the vehicle's internal parts are properly lubricated and in peak operating condition. Even so, soil can accumulate inside the fluid over time, which can make it function poorly and less reliably. In fact, used transmission fluid often does more harm than good.

For each transmission fluid change at Keller Bros. Ford in Lititz, the old fluid in your tank will get taken out and replaced with fresh solution. Our service team will also check that your transmission fluid filter is in top shape too.


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Transmission Reseals

If your Ford's transmission is affected by a leak, but also still operational, our service technicians can perform a transmission reseal to help get your vehicle back to providing best-quality capability. This reseal process usually means upgrading all of the external seals of the automatic transmission to stop all leaks so your model gets the ideal amount of liquid for optimized performance.

Driving a vehicle with low transmission fluid will make it more challenging for it to change gears and also will cause permanent wear and tear to surrounding components. This is why it's critical to tightly fasten any leak areas.


Replacing the Transmission System

On a long enough timeline, nearly every driver will deal with circumstances when their vehicle's transmission gets damaged beyond maintenance. Thankfully, we can help with that. At Keller Bros. Ford, we can repair any transmission to support your peace of mind with the best maintenance and repair service in the Lititz, PA, area. Just visit our service center with your vehicle and we'll take a look at the transmission to resolve any problems. After, our service team will change out every component that has excessive damage to ensure your vehicle is working great again.


Across Pennsylvania, Keller Brothers Ford in Lititz is the perfect place to go quality transmission repair. If you're interested in setting up a service appointment or have any questions, please contact us here to speak with a member of our staff. You can also browse our inventory online, or visit our dealership in person today!

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