2019 Ford F-150 near Lititz, PA

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The Ford F-150

An unstoppable part of the American workforce, the 2019 Ford F-150 is the newest iteration of a classic powerhouse. Durable, reliable, and the most advanced truck in its class, the F-150 is set to make your tough jobs that much easier.

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No other truck is as sturdy as the F-150. Built using a specialized military-grade aluminum-alloy body frame, Ford has designed the most rugged vehicle in its class. With six different engines all boasting powerful torque and horsepower, you'll never doubt you're the most capable vehicle for the job.

Totally Alert

In a busy work environment or fast moving highway, being able to see in all directions is invaluable. The 2019 Ford F-150 sports 360° camera coverage, and 8" Productivity Screen to monitor every angle. Beyond the cameras, the integrated sensors are always alert to keep you aware of any obstacles around the vehicle.


Ruggedly Capable

The F-150 is ready for every job, no matter where it is. With best in class towing at 11,400 pounds, you're ready to bring the trailer to the campsite or the boat to the lake. The advanced traction control and suspension options make it so that you can handle every job on every terrain.

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