Keller Bros. Ford Lititz in Lititz, PA is committed to helping you know more about proper vehicle service and maintenance. Your vehicle has a fuel system that consists of a fuel pump, a fuel filter, and fuel injectors. These elements must be in top working order for your vehicle to operate properly.

Fuel filters are designed to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the fuel injectors. Fuel filters on newer cars need to be replaced around the 60,000-mile mark. With older vehicles, replace the filter every 30,000 miles. Fuel injectors should be cleaned every 45,000 miles for best performance.

The fuel pump only needs to be replaced if it is not working properly. When a fuel pump is going bad, you will notice certain warning signs. Lack of acceleration and lack of power going up hills are two major signs of a fuel pump issue. Uneven idling and poor starting are two other symptoms to look out for.

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