Helpful Habits Before You Go to Stay Safe on the Road

We all live life on the go and depend on our vehicles to get from one place to another. Getting setback with a flat tire or pulled over for having a light out takes time away from your busy day and can cause an unnecessary expense. To avoid these issues, it’s important to develop habits to check your vehicle before you hop in and go.

Properly Inflated Tires

Making sure there are no issues with your tires requires only a minute of your time in the morning and can save you from ruining a wheel. Even if you recently had brand new tires placed on your vehicle, it's still important to walk the perimeter of your vehicle and check  them. When you’re looking at your tire, you’re making sure that there’s not only enough tread on them, but also that they are properly inflated. If your tire appears deflated or doesn’t feel like there’s as much pressure in it as the rest, check your tire for a hole caused by a sharp object such as a nail. It’s important to identify this problem right away instead of driving with a punctured tire until it's too late. Finding a problem with your tire right away gives you the opportunity to possibly patch the tire at a much cheaper cost than replacing it, and avoiding driving with the deflated tire lowers your risk of ruining your rim.

Burned Out Lights

You may not think having a burned out light is necessary to check for, but without well-lit low-beam and high-beam headlights, you’re decreasing your ability to clearly see at night. If you fail to check if your turn signals and brake lights are working properly, a burned out bulb will fail to let the drivers behind you know of your intended maneuvers and could cause an unnecessary accident. Your taillights should also be functioning properly so drivers behind you can see your vehicle with ease. Simply test each turn signal and walk around your car after turning on your lights to make sure they all still work. If you have a passenger with you, have them check that your brake lights work as you tap the brake before leaving the driveway or parking lot. Failing to change these lights is a safety hazard and could lead to a fine.

Anything Under the Hood?

While hopping in the car, turning on the engine, and being on your way is super easy and convenient, it's very important to take precautionary steps before starting your vehicle. During the colder months, many small animals are seeking warmth, from rodents to house cats. The heat from your engine seems like a great choice to many small animals as they crawl inside your vehicle from underneath. To avoid fatally injuring the neighborhood cat, bang on your hood a few times or beep your horn to startle the critter and encourage them to evacuate. After allowing enough time for them to leave their hiding place, you can start your car and be on your way.

For more helpful tips and reminders, be sure to follow Keller Bros Ford Lititz’s blog. Need helping replacing your headlight or patching a tire? Make an appointment with our service center today, and we’ll be glad to help!

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