Ford Explorer ST Proves Market for Performance SUVs as Explorer Hits New Milestone

As the Ford Explorer turns 30 years old, it continues to hold its title as America’s all-time best-selling SUV. This January, the 8 millionth Explorer was sold, marking a milestone no other SUV can claim. The legacy began in 1990 when Ford released the highly capable, family-oriented 4x4 vehicle. It not only held ample cargo space, but also included 4 doors and redefined the SUV segment.


“Ford changed the game three decades ago with the civilized, all-purpose utility vehicle refined with easy-to-use electronic 4x4 controls and luxury packages like the Eddie Bauer edition,” said Craig Patterson, Ford SUV marketing manager. “Families flocked to the new platform, leaving their boring minivans behind – and we’re seeing history repeat itself all over again.”


Innovating new features and styles for the Explorer each year, Ford found a growing market for performance SUVs with the Ford Explorer ST. The performance SUV produces 400 horsepower and is blowing sales expectations out of the water. The ST is currently accounting for 21 percent of overall Explorer sales, and 28% of those trading in for the fast SUV are coming from luxury brand vehicles. It’s no wonder the SUV is doing so well, as the Explorer remains a strong choice for young adults; 18 percent of buyers are between 18-35 years old and 46 percent of buyers are between 36-55 years old.


“Ford ST stands for performance for enthusiasts, and Explorer ST is no exception,” said Patterson. “We believe once drivers feel the power and refinement of our first-ever Explorer ST, performance bred from racetracks around the world, demand will only grow stronger.”


The 2020 Ford Explorer was redesigned inside and out, featuring a rear-wheel drive powertrain, a sportier exterior design, and improved on and off-road capability. The all-new Explorer can also tow an extra 600 pounds from the model year prior when equipped with the trailer tow package and the 3.0L EcoBoost engine. The all-new Explorer isn’t just fast; it’s also the most powerful Explorer to date.


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