How to Make Your AC Smell Great


Does it smell in your car when you turn on the AC? No one likes a stinky car, but did you know that it could actually be due to mold, mildew, and bacteria in your AC? The inside of your AC system is dark and damp due to the water evaporation that happens inside. When you have your AC on it’s blowing bacteria and mold in your face. This isn’t just smelly, it’s not healthy. 


Sounds bad doesn’t it? Well, don’t fret, because fixing this problem is easier than it seems! 


First, get that AC blowing. Turn it up to full blast and make sure you turn off the re-circulation. You want fresh air to be pulled in from outside! Next roll down all the windows. You’ll understand why soon. What you want to do now is get yourself some Lysol or any disinfectant spray. 


Go outside of your car with the AC running and start spraying it into the air conditioning intake. It’s easy to find! Just look at the bottom of the windshield, you see that grated material? Feel it, you will find a spot where it’s sucking in air. 


Spray that spot with your disinfectant and don’t hold back. You’re going to want to use about a half a can. Make sure you get the driver’s side and passenger's side. This is going to suck the disinfectant down into your air conditioning and kill all the mold and bacteria. The smell will be gone once the AC is saturated! 


Leave your windows open for a little while to allow the car to air out, because it might be strong!


Next time your AC is stinky, just spray it with some Lysol and get back to a fresh ride!

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