Get Sporty With the 2019 Ford Ranger

There are so many different editions and appearance packages with the Ford Ranger. This gives different types of people something to choose from. You can easily find something you like when you are browsing at Keller Bros. Ford Lititz through our vehicles. You will enjoy the Sport Appearance package when looking at the Ranger among other vehicles.

With the Sport Appearance Package, a lot has been put into it in order to make it stand out. One of the features that take this vehicle beyond a mere vehicle is the set of areas that have been selected to have the dynamic color Magnetic.

One of the areas that Magnetic has been applied to the Ford Ranger is at the grille. The surround of the grille has the Magnetic color which is a very stylish choice. This feature is included on the XLT. The Ford Ranger is a vehicle that is meant for stylish drivers.

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