Ford and Webasto Collaboration Creates the Mustang Lithium

Ford continues to pioneer the all-electric car market forward as they recently announced their latest creation with Webasto: the Mustang Lithium. This prototype serves as an example of the untapped potential for electric battery and thermal management technologies Webasto and Ford are creating for the electric car market. The Mustang Lithium proves that electric vehicles are the way of the future for performance customers, producing more than 1,000 ft.-lbs. of torque and over 900 horsepower. For Ford, this is only the beginning.

“Very similar to Ford’s push for vehicle electrification, this is an innovative way to further the technologies we’re developing to enable vehicle electrification while creating a vision of how cool the future of electric performance will be,” said Mark Denny, Webasto Customized Solutions North America President and CEO.

The Mustang Lithium was uniquely produced with a manual transmission that uses a drag-strip prove Calimer-version of the Getrag MT82 6-speed transmission with billet internals to handle the 1,000 ft.-lbs of torque. You’ll also find a Phi-Power dual-core electric motor and dual power inverters- powered by an 800-volt Webasto battery system with EVDrive Technology that can discharge one mega-watt of electrical energy. That 800-volt Webasto battery  is twice the voltage most electric cars are currently produced with, showcasing the capable power electric vehicles are yet to see.

“Ford has made no secret of the fact that we are electrifying our most popular nameplates,” said Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s Chief Product Development and Purchasing Officer. “This one-off Mustang prototype is a great opportunity for us, together with Webasto, to showcase to our customers what a new electrified powertrains can do for performance in a car they already know and love.”

Ford is investing over $11.5 billion in electrified vehicles by 2022. This includes the all-new Mustang-SUV, the Mach-E, which Ford customers can currently reserve on Ford’s site with a $500 deposit,  and an all-electric F-150, expected to debut in a couple of years. Until then, Ford customers can enjoy the all-new 2020 Ford Explorer and Escape hybrid SUVs. These vehicles include Ford’s fourth-generation lithium-ion battery technology, similar to the energy storage system used in the Mustang Lithium. Stop by Keller Bros Ford in Lititz today and test drive your new electric hybrid today!

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