If You Need to Go Off-road, Then It's Best to Do So in the 2019 Ford Ranger

Some days you wake up with the feeling and need to get away from things. Open terrain may be rugged, but it provides the serenity to clear your mind and recharge for the obstacles that life can bring. Luckily, you have the 2019 Ford Ranger to get you to that place despite harsh terrain.

When it's time to take a break from Lititz, PA and hit the road, rest assure that the 2019 Ranger is a pickup that can handle off-road adventures. To this end, the Ranger is built with a strong steel frame, steel frame mounted bumpers, and comes equipped with EcoBoost torque to ensure that its capability is up to task regardless of terrain.

You'll also discover, after visiting Keller Bros. Ford Lititz, that the 2019 Ford Ranger has an available Electronic Locking Rear Differential. Once activated, this feature completely locks the rear axle which in turn optimizes traction on both wheels at the same time.

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