Ford Continues to Support Law Enforcement

Since 1950, when Ford became the first manufacturer to specifically target law enforcement with a vehicle package, Ford has been a proud supporter of police. It began with the Interceptor, and over the decades has continued to progress and advance until today.

Ford has revealed an all new hybrid vehicle for use in police forces across the country. The 2020 Police interceptor Utility is the latest and most advanced combination of power, efficiency, and capability designed to keep officers safe and save on costs every step of the way.

Utilizing the new hybrid technology to keep the lighting, radios, computers, and other necessary features available even when the vehicle is stationary and idling, the Interceptor will be able to shut off and save gas during these long periods. Current estimates suggest that this feature will save between $3,500 and $5,700 every year per vehicle when compared to the current model. This makes the 2020 Interceptor even more affordable for departments and taxpayers.

The new Interceptor also incorporates many sensor features in order to keep officers safe while they are on the job. The Police Perimeter Alert uses sensors to identify possibly threatening behavior around the vehicle in a 270-degree area. Utilizing motion sensing cameras, the vehicle automatically responds to potentially dangerous situations by locking down the vehicle to protect those inside.

Designed with specific crumple zones for collisions, and Pre-Collision Assist with automatic emergency braking keeps officers safe while out on the job. This automatic braking feature can be disabled for the purposes of using immobilization technique maneuvers when the need arises.

The 2020 Police Interceptor Utility is the latest in a long line of powerful specially designed vehicles for law enforcement. Constructed from the ground up to keep officers safe and save money for both departments and the taxpayer. Just another example of Ford working to improve lives everywhere.

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