The 2019 Ford Edge is More Than a Vehicle

These days, the technology that is put into vehicles make them more than vehicles. In the case of the 2019 Ford Edge, the vehicle has features that make it more like a partner or co-pilot. This is one of the factors that have led us to include it in our Keller Bros. Ford Lititz inventory.

One thing that a driver needs when driving in a crowded and stressful world is a Co-Pilot. Fortunately, the 2019 Ford Edge offers this type of partnership with the Co-Pilot 360 technology. This is a set of smart driver assist features for improved confidence as you are making your journey.

Another feature that is worth looking into is the adaptive cruise control which adjusts speeds according to various factors on the road so that you can avoid getting into collisions or other issues. There is also the Stop and Go feature which can help you stop your vehicle when it comes to traffic.

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