Ford Acquires Quantum Signal: It’s Going To Change Self-Driving Vehicle Development!


Quantum Signal was founded in 1999 and since it’s inception, the company has been working on the cutting edge of mobile robotics. While the company isn’t really in the public eye, they’ve helped the military develop software that allowed it to remotely control robotic vehicles thousands of miles away.


Quantum Signal even built a robust simulation environment capable of testing autonomous vehicle designs that’s still an industry standard today!


Regardless of their relative obscurity, the company has been on Ford’s radar for a while now. Over the past few years, Ford has been building a team of uniquely qualified experts in software development, simulation, and machine learning from around the world as an effort to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.


Today, the squad is getting bigger than ever!


To further advance its goal of launching a self-driving vehicle business, Ford has acquired Quantum Signal and will make use of its extensive experience in real-time simulation and algorithm development, as well as robotics, sensing and perception technology. The wide range of the group’s work portfolio means it will be able to support Ford in numerous areas as the company develops self-driving vehicles and transportation as a service business, including software development and hardware prototyping.

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