Ford Mustang Design Features

Thousands of people grow up with the dream of one day owning a sports car. They see it as a status symbol of sorts that was designed to do nothing more than enjoy the open road in a high-performance vehicle. That is why our team of seasoned veterans here at Keller Bros. Ford Lititz in Lititz, PA are so excited to tell you all about the many design features of the new 2019 Ford Mustang.

The Mustang is a classic design that needs not be changed much from year to year. The latest iteration includes features such as a cloth top that can be dropped down to enjoy the experience of a convertible as well as a 12-inch display where all controls of the vehicle can be found in the dash of the car.

Think a test drive would help convince you that this is the car for you? Then visit us at Keller Bros. Ford Lititz of Lititz, PA today!

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