The Performance of the 2019 Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a sub-compact car that doesn't lack performance features. Regardless of your driving habits in Lititz, Keller Bros. Ford Lititz has a Fiesta that's right for you. With two different engine styles, you'll be able to choose the power level you want in a car. You'll also be able to select between automatic and manual transmissions. For those who want high performance when driving, the clutch-actuated transmission will make shifting easy and smooth.

With Electric Power-Assisted Steering, you'll be able to handle low-speed maneuvers with ease. As your speed increases, the steering will become stiffer and more performance oriented. If you're dealing with a strong cross-wind, the assisted steering will help you stay pointed in the right direction.

The AdvanceTrac Electronic Stability Control system will make driving in difficult conditions, such as snow and ice, easier and safer by modulating engine torque.

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