Tips For Traveling With Pets in Lititz, PA

Maybe you're planning a road trip or long weekend drive, but haven't considered the best practice for travelling with your beloved pet. You should know that just like humans, some pets are anxious to travel in an automobile. It makes the experience very unenjoyable for them - regardless if they're going to the vet or just on a ride to the park. So what do you do to prepare your feline or canine for an enjoyable experience?

For dogs, it is advisable to see a dog trainer for insight on how to help him relax. One excellent way is to play with the dog before traveling. This makes sure that the dog is excited before hopping onto that SUV for the drive. For cats, or other extreme cases, the vet can prescribe medication to curb anxiety, such as Dramamine. With this and some additional playtime, your cat or dog will be well on their way to a comfortable trip in your vehicle of choice.

If you're interested to learn more about our supply of more pet-friendly vehicles, be sure to stop into our dealership at 730 S Broad St for a closer look!

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