Changing Oil is a Huge Part of Maintenance

Is your vehicle maintenance that important? You use your vehicle to get from point A to point B. You may drive to work and back. You may carry children to school. After more careful examination, it might be the most important piece of your daily routine. Can you imagine a time without your vehicle? Why worry about the inconvenience?

That's why it's so important to keep in tune with your vehicle maintenance. Checking the oil is a massive part of any vehicle's success, helping to protect the engine from sludge and provide it with a consistent fluid for top-notch performance. It's the first thing your parents probably taught you about taking care of your car. The owner's manual suggests the same, providing specific instructions on when to change the oil in each individual car. It's that crucial to the life of an automobile.

Why take any chances? You can visit our service department at Keller Bros. Ford for your oil change. We will make sure you have the correct filter and the right amount of oil. We'll also diagnose your car for any additional issues. Our service department is always here to make sure you are back on the road in good shape at 730 S Broad Street!

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