Ford Pass Everything You Need To Know

Want to get to know your Ford vehicle better? The FordPassTM mobile application contains a suite of safety, security, entertainment and information features that communicate with your Ford. From something as simple as unlocking your new Ford F-150 remotely to searching for the nearest gas station before your new Ford Escape runs out of fuel, FordPassTM is your new copilot.

The FordPassTM guide even gives you the option to connect with your preferred Ford dealer for any Ford service or sales need. And like any great app, the FordPassTM is free. Speak with the FordPassTM experts at our Ford dealer in Lititz, PA, to learn more.

How to Connect and Control with FordPassTM

You’ll be more in tune with your Ford vehicle than ever with FordPassTM. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that your vehicle’s information is just a tap away. Normal workday functions like starting the engine of your new Ford EcoSport is as simple as accessing FordPassTM.

Scheduling Ford maintenance with your preferred dealer can even be done through the app. Opt in to receive vehicle health alerts and service reminders, too! How much gas is in your Ford? You can check that on the app!

What Is FordPay?

FordPay is one of the most exciting new features in FordPassTM, and it gives you the ability to pay for Ford service items directly from the app. Just add your credit or debit cards in the Wallet function. It’s a simple, easy and secure way to pay for Ford service. Plus, if you’re in a rush, this feature expedites the checkout process.

FordPassTM Compatible Vehicles

Can I use FordPassTM on my vehicle? To enjoy everything FordPassTM has to offer, you must have a SYNC® Connect-enabled vehicle. Is your FordPassTM app not working currently? We’re always at the ready to assist you in making sure the FordPassTM can be used to its full advantage. Give us a call.

How Do I Get FordPassTM?

Starting your FordPassTM experience is just a quick mobile download away. All you need to do is open the Google Play store on your Android or open the App Store on your Apple phone. Search for the FordPassTM app, download it for free and then you’ll be on your way to enhancing your Ford ownership experience. It’s time for you to enjoy all the Ford connectivity benefits housed in the FordPassTM mobile app, so download it today!

Need help with certain functions in the FordPassTM app? We’re just a click or call away. Contact Keller Bros. Ford Lititz with any FordPassTM inquiries.

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