The 2022 Ford Explorer vs
The 2022 Honda Pilot

It's a simple fact of life that without your car, everything would grind to a halt. You wouldn't be able to get to work, the fridge wouldn't be stocked, the kids wouldn't make it to school, and none of your fun pastimes or hobbies would be possible either. Suffice it to say, your vehicle is pretty vital, and you need to be able to count on its ability to keep up with you. With so much riding on the decision of which vehicle is right for you, how do you choose between all the options out there? The best way is to stack up the differences between your two options and see how they compare.  Here's a comparison of the 2022 Ford Explorer and the 2022 Honda Pilot that will help you decide which of these two vehicles would be best for you.


With gas prices constantly fluctuating these days, the less time and money you spend at the pump, the better, so getting a vehicle with the best possible efficiency is a must. The 2022 Honda Pilot can get up to 20 city miles per gallon and 27 highway miles per gallon, respectable efficiency for a vehicle of this size. However, the 2022 Ford Explorer gets up to 27 city miles per gallon and 28 highway miles per gallon, putting it ahead of the Honda Pilot.

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Heading out for some weekend fun with your boat or ATVs? You need to be driving a vehicle that can handle a little heavy lifting if you want to have the ability to enjoy your hobbies with friends and family. The Pilot's maximum towing capacity is 5,000 lbs. The Explorer, on the other hand, has a maximum towing capacity of 5,600 lbs, giving it another edge over the Pilot.


Whether you're heading out by yourself to run some errands for the week or loading up the car with luggage and loved ones for a fun trip, having enough space in your vehicle for all the things you need is a necessity. The 2022 Honda Pilot offers you up to 16.5 cubic feet of cargo volume for groceries, gear, luggage, or whatever else you need, but the 2022 Ford Explorer offers you more with 18.2 cubic feet of cargo space. The Explorer also has better legroom and headroom than the Pilot in all three rows of seating, so that your passengers have more space to get comfortable for both short and long trips.

While the 2022 Honda Pilot and the 2022 Ford Explorer are both high quality vehicles with a lot to offer, when you compare their similarities and differences, the Explorer comes out on top. If you're interested in learning more about the 2022 Ford Explorer, Keller Brothers Ford is ready to help you. You can contact us here for more information, or browse our available inventory online to check out what we have in stock. You can also visit our dealership in Lititz, PA.

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